Prank Call Ideas


Funny Prank Call Ideas

Funny Prank Call Ideas

Funny Prank Call Ideas

( Radio station prank )

Call a random person and tell him/her that you're calling from new radio station called F.S FM and you've a new singer and you want audience to rate him and start singing any shit :D
and wait for his/her reaction .

( Customer service prank )

Call your cell provider customer service and tell him/her that your brother have swallowed your cellphone sim card and you want to ask a question , what will happen to my credit if he speaks ? 

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Prank Call Ideas 2012 | Who Am I ?

Prank Call Ideas 2012

Prank Call Ideas 2012

Here are new and exclusive prank call ideas 2012

Today's prank idea titled as : Who Am I ?


You : Hello
Victim : Hello
You : Directly without introductions or waiting
Please what day is today ?
Victim : Why ?
You : Am a little nervous and confused i don't know what day is today !
Victim : Today is thursday "for example"
You : What is the time now 10 am or 10 pm ?
Victim : She/He going to tell you are you kidding me ?
You : No Sir/Mrs am not am just don't know what is the time really!
Victim : It's 10 pm
You : Am i late on work ? :D
Victim : No , or are you mad ??
You : No am just want to know who am i !!
Victim : Your number is appearing to me
You : Really ? What's my number please help me and tell me what is it :D
You : Please sir tell what is my number , i want to know any infromation about myself
i don't know where am i or how i got there .
Victim : What do you want of me now ??
You : tell me who am i !! any information about myself
Victim : Fuck off you asshole
You : Why you're insulting me sir !!
You : god only knows how much i need for help
Victim : are you drunk !!
You : Drunk what sir !! , am a good guy
You : Don't insult me with a threatening tone !!

And keep the call going

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